We are committed to providing our customers with a quality product, which makes us very appealing to the local garden clubs, schools, youth groups, churches, and other organizations that need to raise money.† In the past, many groups have used our flowers for fundraisers with great success.† The best way to have a successful† fundraiser with our flowers is to plan ahead.† Schedule your date with us first because we can only accommodate a certain number of deliveries each day.† If you are choosing to take pre-orders, please do that as early as possible.† We are the growers so when we sell out, there will be no more available.† If you would rather just order a specific number, rather than a specific variety, we will be happy to choose for you and bring you what is the prettiest at the time of your delivery.† The following is a list of what Bruceís Greenhouses has to offer.†† Prices are available several weeks before each season so when you begin taking orders, be sure to call us first!† That way you are sure to have an updated availability list and accurate prices.† If we can be of any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.† We look forward to working with you and your organization!

Group Orders


The harvest arrives around March 15th and lasts through Motherís Day.† You want to make sure that your date is late enough so that the most varieties are in bloom, but not so late that there is little variety.† The easiest and most successful method is to stick with our best sellers: Geraniums and New Guinea Impatiens.

Fall Mums

The next crop is the in the fall when we grow Garden Mums.† They are available mid September through October.† The best time for a fundraiser would be the first week in October as there will be a good selection of colors available and plenty of the fall season left to enjoy your flowers.


Our Poinsettia season begins Thanksgiving weekend and runs through Christmas Eve.† We begin taking orders in September so in order to have a successful poinsettia fundraiser, you need to have your information available early and begin gathering orders early.† After our deadline, which is around the middle of November, all colors and sizes will be available on a first come first serve basis.† We sell out every year so you must have your orders collected and to us as soon as possible.

Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies only bloom for about a week so timing is everything.† We deliver to the majority of our costumers Easter week with only a few churches who want delivery for Palm Sunday.† We begin taking orders 4-6 weeks before Easter every year.† As with the Poinsettias, we allow pre-orders and sell out every year so it is crucial to order ahead.

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