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From Christmas to as late as Easter.


The Poinsettia is a tropical plant and thus should be kept indoors (it likes to be as warm as you do) and never allowed in temperatures lower than 50 degrees.  Keep it in a spot in your home with natural light but never in direct sunlight for more than a couple of hours.


Prefers moist soil, do not allow it to dry out.  The soil should also never be too wet as the plant will rot.  If your poinsettia is wrapped, make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the wrapping (we cut a hole in all our wrap at Bruce’s).  You will want to place your poinsettia in a saucer or some other container for it to drain any excess water into.  Remove all excess water because the poinsettia will rot if it is left in standing water.  Also keep it away from drafts in your home as the heat and breeze will permanently damage the bracts .


Because they are seasonal there is no reason to feed them during the Christmas season.